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Arts and Culture

The goal is to enhance the quality of life through the arts with programs that are accessible to, and affordable for, a broad and diverse public.


Columbia Foundation focuses its grantmaking on the following:


  • The creation of new work and the performance or exhibition of art by non-profit organizations

  • Art that encourages civic awareness of, and a focus on, the need to develop sustainable communities and economies, and to protect human rights. While wishing to avoid political sermonizing, the foundation is interested in supporting artistic activity that engages the public in the philosophical, aesthetic, personal, political, and practical aspects of these important contemporary issues.

  • Art from a variety of cultures and perspectives, and art that engages people from diverse cultures


Annual Deadline: April 1 for a full proposal.


Geographic priority: The foundation considers proposals for programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, with priority given to San Francisco-based organizations, and in the United Kingdom, with priority given to London-based organizations.


Types of grant support: San Francisco Bay Area grants may focus on specific productions/exhibits or on organizational development. Grants to U.K. organizations are limited to support for specific productions/exhibits.




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