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Grants Awarded
June 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011


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Grants awarded June 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011


$40,000 to ALONZO KING?S LINES BALLET, San Francisco, Ca., for two world-premiere ballets by Alonzo King's LINES Ballet in 2011: Triangle of the Squinches, a collaboration with architect Christopher Haas, and a second ballet set to Sephardic music.

$136,616 over two years to AMERICAN FRIENDS OF COVENT GARDEN, New York, N.Y., for Written on Skin, a new opera commission by George Benjamin and Martin Crimp for the Royal Opera House, London, which takes as its starting point a short piece of 13th-century Provencal prose to be retold in a contemporary voice to explore themes including limits of power, female identity, and art in society.

$20,000 to DOOR DOG MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, San Francisco, Ca., for the International Youth Music Initiative to commission five internationally renowned traditional-music masters to compose pieces that the youth orchestra will premiere in November 2011. The goals of Door Dog are: (1) to create a dialogue among youth from many countries, having diverse global perspectives; (2) to promote and preserve ethnic music here in the Bay Area; and (3) to provide youth from oppressed or endangered world cultures a voice through their traditional music.

$30,000 to EAST BAY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (EBCPA), Richmond, Ca., for continuing support for final production, exhibition, and documentation costs, as well as related expenses for an intensive month-long series of events for the Iron Triangle Legacy Project (ITLP), to tell the story of Richmond's Iron Triangle by its own residents. This series anchors the re-opening of its permanent and completely rebuilt home in the heart of the Iron Triangle in Richmond.

$50,000 to MAGIC THEATRE, San Francisco, Ca., for the 2010-2011 production of Taylor Mac's The Lily's Revenge, a five-hour play focusing on themes of love, marriage, and Prop. 8, which brings together 30 to 40 performers from six different Bay Area arts organizations.

$20,000 to PHILHARMONIA BAROQUE, San Francisco, Ca., for the U.S. premiere of Into the Bright Lights, composed by Bay Area native Nathaniel Stookey with text by mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade.

$225,000 over three years to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA (SFO), San Francisco, Ca., for the Adler Fellowship Program, performance-oriented residencies that enable young artists of major operatic potential to develop their craft through intensive training and performance. Young artists begin their training at SFO through the Merola Opera Program, an 11-week summer training program, which receives between 700 and 800 applications from around the world each year, from which 30 "Merolini" are selected. At the conclusion of the Merola Opera Program, 10 to 12 of the most talented singers are invited to continue their training as Adler Fellows for two years.

$40,000 to SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMANCES, San Francisco, Ca., to present the Silk Road Ensemble, the performing arm of cellist Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project, in April 2011. The Silk Road Ensemble is a collective of internationally renowned performers and composers from more than 20 countries. Founded by Yo-Yo Ma in 1998, the Silk Road Project takes inspiration from the historic Silk Road trading route as a modern metaphor for multicultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

$30,000 to SOUTHERN EXPOSURE (SoEx), San Francisco, Ca., for the Exhibitions Program Series 2011 to provide support for exhibitions, public-art projects, publications, and events presented from January to December 2011, at their new location at 3030 20th Street in San Francisco's Mission District, as well as several public sites in San Francisco. SoEx's vision for the Exhibitions Program is to present innovative models for commissioning and presenting new work by local and national artists and to provide direct, accessible support to visual artists.

$5,000 to TECTONIC THEATER PROJECT, New York, N.Y., for a San Francisco performance of The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project Ten Years Later at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center in October 2010.

$25,000 to WORLD ARTS WEST, San Francisco, Ca., for Welcome to Ohlone Territory: Right of Return, a series of performances by members of the Ohlone tribal community that will take place as part of the 33rd San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in June 2011, and at an evening-length ceremony at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco in November 2011. These are performance-centered components of a much larger project, which the Ohlone Profiles Project is conducting to raise awareness about the ongoing, contemporary lives of the Ohlone people ? the San Francisco Bay Area's original inhabitants. Ohlone Profiles Project activities include community meetings, art exhibits, radio broadcasts, and film screenings.

See Other for a list of additional arts grants awarded by the Columbia Foundation Fund of the Capital Community Foundation in London.

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Human Rights

Grants awarded June 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011

$50,000 to AMERICANS FOR CAMPAIGN REFORM, Concord, N.H., for education and advocacy targeting the business and conservative political communities about the need for and benefits of voluntary, small-donor-driven public funding of political campaigns.

$50,000 to BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE, New York, N.Y., for support of the Center?s defense of the Arizona public-finance law before the U.S. Supreme Court.

$75,000 to CIVIL MARRIAGE COLLABORATIVE, Amherst, Mass., for continuing support of a collaborative grantmaking program that awards grants to strategic state-based efforts to strengthen a broad and diverse grassroots constituency to advocate for civil-marriage equality on a state-by-state basis. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

$50,000 to COMMON CAUSE EDUCATION FUND, Washington, D.C., for the One Person, One Vote, One Voice project in California with three goals: (1) to improve the existing system of campaigns by replacing private funding with public funding based on a small-donor matching system; (2) to increase voters? access to substantive campaign-related information by creating an online forum capitalizing on Internet and social-media strategies; and (3) to ensure that every eligible citizen is able to vote by implementing a modern voter-registration system that removes current barriers to voting.

$50,000 to FREEDOM TO MARRY, New York, N.Y., for the national-strategy center on marriage equality led by Evan Wolfson. The center provides research, messaging, communications, and political consultations to organizations throughout the country working for marriage equality at the national, state, and local levels.

$50,000 to JUSTICE AT STAKE (JAS), Washington, D.C., for a nonpartisan campaign with more than 50 national partners working to keep state and federal courts fair and impartial. JAS works with various states to craft strategic plans, educate the public, and advocate for reform breakthroughs, such as merit selection and public financing of judicial campaigns.

$50,000 to KELLY + YAMAMOTO PRODUCTIONS, Greenbrae, Ca., for community engagement and educational distribution of TRUST, a documentary by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto, about Marlin, an eighteen-year-old survivor of rape who tells her story to a youth theater group and begins to recover from the trauma through participation in the theatrical production of her story. Center for Independent Documentary is the sponsor.

$50,000 to MAPLIGHT.ORG, Berkeley, Ca., for general organizational support to track campaign donations and the subsequent votes by elected officials on issues of interest to campaign donors, and to publish the results on their website. MAPLight aims to reach 20 million people with findings on money and influence, helping to create a favorable public-opinion climate for election-finance reform.

$150,000 over three years to MISSION ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, San Francisco, Ca., for Plaza Adelante, a 21,000-square-foot community facility that serves as a one-stop center for asset development, workforce development, and family-support services explicitly designed to improve the economic standing of low- to moderate-income Latino families in San Francisco.

$200,000 over two years to OUR CHILDREN?S TRUST, Portland, Ore., to develop and file lawsuits, called Atmospheric Trust Litigation (ATL), in states throughout the U.S. and other countries as part of a coordinated legal challenge to governments regarding their duty to preserve the ?commons? (air, oceans, forests, et al.) and the rights of future generations thereto. Cascade Resource Advocacy Group is the sponsor.

$100,000 to PIPER FUND, Amherst, Mass., for continuing support for a funder collaborative that awards grants on a state-by-state basis to expand the reach of campaign-finance-reform efforts at the state and local level. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

$50,000 to QWAVES, Washington, D.C., for a campaign for fairness and equality for LGBT people in rural and small-town California using Out in The Silence, a documentary about homophobia in a rural community and the ways the community comes together to combat hatred and discrimination. Center for Independent Documentary is the sponsor.

$16,675 to TRACEY QUEZADA PRODUCTIONS, Berkeley, Ca., to complete the first interviews and a trailer for Breaking the Silence, a documentary exploring the impact that child sexual abuse (CSA) has on the emotional health of survivors. The film follows five survivors who are trying to end the stigma associated with CSA by speaking out about their experiences, as well as discussing the healing process, and suggesting solutions to their communities. From the Heart Productions is the sponsor.

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Food and Farming

Grants awarded June 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011

$35,000 to CALIFORNIA CLIMATE AND AGRICULTURE NETWORK (CalCAN), Occidental Ca., for a collaboration of California?s leading sustainable-agriculture organizations and allies to advance policies that recognize and provide financial rewards for sustainable agricultural practices that mitigate and adapt to climate change. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center is the sponsor.

$40,000 to CALIFORNIA FARMLINK, Sebastopol, Ca., to strengthen the organization's ability to provide a comprehensive set of resources that facilitates land access for a new generation of sustainable farmers.

$50,000 to CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY (CFS), Washington, D.C., for the California Food and Agriculture Initiative to halt the further commercialization of genetically engineered (GE) crops until the safety and effectiveness of GE crops for sustainable agriculture can be demonstrated.

$20,000 to FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT REPORTING NETWORK (FERN), New York, N.Y., to fund, aggregate, and distribute investigative and in-depth reporting in the critical areas of food, agriculture, and environmental health by linking journalists, new media, and major media outlets, and to train journalists in investigative techniques. Sustainable Markets Foundation is the sponsor.

$23,200 to ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE (OSA), Port Townsend, Wash., for Development of Sustainable Seed Systems in Northern California to 1) provide workshops to educate farmers, gardeners, and the general public on the basics of seed-saving, seed-production, and variety-improvement; 2) expand OSA?s outreach and strengthen OSA?s ties to individuals and organizations in Northern California involved in sustainable-seed-systems work and in sustainable agriculture; and 3) work with key stakeholders to identify the highest-impact work that OSA can do in Northern California.

$35,000 to SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING AND URBAN RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, San Francisco, Ca., to launch the new Food Systems and Urban Agriculture Program, to help San Francisco lead the nation in developing and implementing effective municipal policy that reshapes the role cities play in managing and strengthening urban food systems and regional foodsheds by providing research, education, and advocacy that builds broad-based support for specific policy changes at the city and regional level.

$30,000 to TWIN PINES COOPERATIVE FOUNDATION, Davis, Ca., for One Farm at a Time, a project that gives co-op shoppers (currently in Sacramento and Davis) the opportunity to partner with small farms to raise awareness and the funds needed to ensure the sustainability of local family farms for future generations, and preserve each small farm based on its unique set of circumstances. One Farm at a Time started with The Good Humus Preservation Project in Yolo County, a project involving farmers and the community working together to raise funds to ensure that the Good Humus farm will be saved in perpetuity and farmed organically by family farmers after the current owners retire.

$30,000 to XERCES SOCIETY, Portland, Ore., for continuing support for Restoring Biodiversity in California?s Agricultural Landscape to protect, restore, and enhance pollinator habitat across California. Xerces will expand its efforts so that it can reach additional farmers in key agricultural regions throughout the state.

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Grants awarded June 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011


U.K. Grants:


$325,000 to CAPITAL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (CCF), London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the Capital Community Foundation (CCF), a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation to facilitate grantmaking by CCF to organizations in the U.K. The following grants were awarded by CCF from the Columbia Foundation Fund:

  1. ?1,804 to CCF GRASSROOTS GRANTS ENDOWMENT FUND, London, to benefit poor communities in the U.K. through a grant to be matched by the U.K. government.

  2. ?33,000 to ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA, London, for a new opera by composer Nico Muhly and librettist Craig Lucas, to be presented in a co-production between ENO and the Met, with ENO staging the world premiere in June or July 2011. The theme is the true story of a Manchester teenager who spun a web of deceit to incite his own attempted murder (by another teenager) by posing as a variety of characters in an internet chat room.

  3. ?20,000 to LONTANO TRUST, London, for three performances of a new chamber opera, Full Moon in March, including its U.K. premiere, by American composer John Harbison. The opera utilizes Harbison's own libretto, after W.B. Yeats' play of the same name. These performances will take place at The Warehouse, on London's South Bank, in early October 2012, as part of the Fourth London Festival of American Music. This regular festival is produced by Lontano Trust biennially in October. Mornington Trust is the sponsor.

  4. ?6,207 to NORFOLK CONCERTS, Norwich, for the 2011 concert series: (1) June 4th performance of Bach by Candlelight, (2) June 11th performance of Mozart and Beethoven by the Chan Quartet, (3) September 3rd performance by Neumeyer Consort with Yena Lee, and (4) September 17th performance by the Mainzer Trio.

  5. ?5,000 to OPEN DOOR OPERA, London, for the production of Iphigenia at The Scoop at More London, a theater space that offers free performances, June 18 and 25, 2011.

  6. ?16,650 to OPERA CIRCUS, Dorset, for the production costs in London of a new opera, Naciketa, with music by the Scottish composer Nigel Osborne and libretto by Chilean/American writer and poet Ariel Dorfman, for performance in 2011/12.

  7. ?40,000 to THE OPERA GROUP, London, to further develop and produce Seven Angels, a new opera by composer Luke Bedford and librettist Glyn Maxwell, for performance in 2011. The opera re-imagines Milton's Paradise Lost for an age of environmental abuse and climate breakdown.

  8. $33,000 to THE PLACE, London, for The Place for the Future, a new commissioning and artist-development project that will enable gifted choreographers to develop their professional careers. The mission of The Place is to transform and enrich lives through dance by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and diversity.

  9. ?50,000 to RAMBERT DANCE COMPANY, London, for the campaign for a new building on a site behind the National Theater on the South Bank. The land has been donated for this purpose by Coin Street Community Builders, a community-development organization, in exchange for a Rambert sponsorship of a community dance program in the neighborhood.

  10. ?20,000 to ROUNDHOUSE TRUST, London, for the Mark Storor Project, a production at the Roundhouse that was the culmination of 18 months of work with young performers. Since October 2009, a group of thirteen 12 to 16-year-olds have been working with award-winning artist and theatre-maker Mark Storor on developing a piece of live performance premiered in the Roundhouse Main Space in April 2011.

  11. ?3,032 to SUMMER FIELDS SCHOOL, Oxford, for the boarding and day preparatory school in Oxford for boys aged 7 to 13.

  12. ?1,000 to WESTMINSTER OPERA, London, for the Emerging Artists Program and the costs of engaging young artists for a production of Don Pasquale.


Philanthropy and non-profit sector:


$8,860 to COUNCIL ON FOUNDATIONS (COF), Arlington, Va., for 2011 membership. COF is a national nonprofit association of grantmaking foundations and corporations working to increase effectiveness, stewardship, and accountability while providing members with services and support.

$1,000 to ENVIRONMENTAL GRANTMAKERS ASSOCIATION (EGA), New York, N.Y., for 2011 membership. EGA helps member organizations become more effective environmental grantmakers through information sharing, collaboration, and networking.

$1,500 to FOUNDATION CENTER, New York, N.Y., for continuing support for the San Francisco Foundation Center Library. The Foundation Center is a national service organization connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them with tools and information about organized philanthropy.

$2,650 to INDEPENDENT SECTOR, Washington, D.C., for 2011 membership. Independent Sector is a leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate-giving programs.

$1,000 to NATIONAL CENTER FOR FAMILY PHILANTHROPY, Washington, D.C., for membership support to promote philanthropic values, vision, and excellence across generations of donors and donor families with a focus on integrating next-generation family members.

$4,100 to NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GRANTMAKERS (NCG), San Francisco, Ca., for 2011 membership. NCG is a regional association of foundations, corporate-contributions programs, and other public and private grantmakers working to enhance the effectiveness of philanthropy.

$2,500 to SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SYSTEMS FUNDERS, Santa Barbara, Ca., to provide ongoing educational programs for a national network of funders interested in sustainable food and agriculture. Community Partners is the sponsor.


Foundation initiated:


$10,000 to AMERICAN FRIENDS OF ST. GEORGE?S CHURCH HANOVER SQUARE, New York, N.Y., for the purchase of a new organ for the Parish Church of St. George, Hanover Square in London.

$32,000 to AMERICAN FUND OF THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for general operating support of the Royal Opera House in London.

$10,000 to AMERICANS FOR OXFORD, New York, N.Y., for the Fargher Bursary Award, and the Justin Gosling Bursary Award.

$31,115 to GLYNDEBOURNE ASSOCIATION AMERICA, New York, N.Y., for the 2011 Meistersinger Production.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for the feasibility study for the 40/125 Campaign, a comprehensive capital campaign that aims to: implement critical fire, life safety, and accessibility improvements to the 1886 Haas-Lilienthal House; establish a stable funding base for future operations; and ensure the building's long-term sustainability by obtaining the U.S. Green Building Rating System certification. The 40/125 Campaign commemorates the 40th anniversary of Heritage and the 125th anniversary of the Haas-Lilienthal House.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA, San Francisco, Ca., to present opera performances to the widest possible audience, to perpetuate and enrich the operatic art form, and to provide leadership in training, arts education, and audience development.

$40,000 to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA, San Francisco, Ca., for general operating support.

$10,000 to SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY, San Francisco, Ca., for the San Francisco Symphony Centennial Initiatives Fund for Adventures in Music, a program that provides music education to San Francisco elementary schools. This grant was awarded in honor of John Goldman.


General support contributions of $5,000 or less:


ACLU FOUNDATION OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Ca., to protect the civil liberties of all people in Northern California.

AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, Washington, D.C., to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment in California.

BARENBOIM-SAID FOUNDATION U.S.A., New York, N.Y., for the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, a workshop program for young Israeli and Palestinian musicians and others from various countries in the Middle East. The Foundation was established in 2004 for the sole purpose of raising funds for musical and cultural workshops and orchestras for highly talented young performers from Arab countries and Israel, and for the development of music-education programs for children of the region.

CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, San Francisco, Ca., to explore, explain, and protect the natural world.

CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION, Pasadena, Ca., to increase access to arts education for all California children.

CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, Washington, D.C., a national legal and advocacy center that works to challenge harmful food-production technologies and promote sustainable alternatives.

CENTER FOR URBAN EDUCATION ABOUT SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (CUESA), San Francisco, Ca., for scholarships to farmers, who sell at the farmers market, to attend training sessions at CUESA sustainable-agriculture programs.

CENTER FOR URBAN EDUCATION ABOUT SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (CUESA), San Francisco, Ca., for the implementation of the Sustainability Framework.

CITY ARTS & LECTURES, San Francisco, Ca., in honor of the celebration of the 30th anniversary season of events with leading figures in the world of art and ideas.

CONGREGATION EMANU-EL, San Francisco, Ca., for general support.

CORNERSTONE THEATER COMPANY, Los Angeles, Ca., for the Hunger Cycle Program to present a series of world-premiere plays investigating the universal and urgent need for food, and how filling that need has the power to transform individuals and communities.

CULTURAL CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to support traditional-native-foodshed and seed-restoration work.

DAVIS MEDIA ACCESS, Davis, Ca., a community media center serving Davis and surrounding areas, which aims to enrich and strengthen the community by providing alternatives to commercial media for local voices, opinions, and creative endeavors.

EARTHJUSTICE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, Oakland, Ca., to protect natural resources and wildlife, and to defend the right of all people to a healthy environment.

ECOCITY BUILDERS, Oakland, Ca., for the International Ecocity Framework Project to enable city officials and other community members to analyze and evaluate their city in an integrated framework that supports systemic thinking and solutions.

FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco, Ca., for the de Young and the Legion of Honor museums.

FRESNO FILMWORKS, Fresno, Ca., to launch a food-and-farming film festival in Fresno.

FRIENDS FOUNDATION OF THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY, San Francisco, Ca., for the free public-library system in San Francisco. The Friends Foundation is a citizen-led support group for San Francisco public libraries.

GIRLS TO WOMEN, East Palo Alto, Ca., to serve East Palo Alto's elementary and early middle school-age girls and their families through after-school and summer youth-development programs.

GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL PARKS CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to help improve parklands, and for ongoing programs that foster community stewardship of national parks. Founded in 1981, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy is the nonprofit partner that supports and assists the Golden Gate National Parks in research, interpretation, and conservation programs.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ECOLOGY AND CULTURE, East Hardwick, Vt., for program support related to the Economics of Happiness, a documentary film by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, and John Page that offers not only a big-picture analysis of globalization, but a powerful message of hope for the future. From climate change to terrorism, financial insecurity to the epidemic of depression ? most of our most pressing problems can be traced back to an unsustainable global economic system. The film points to a strategic way to address these problems simultaneously: economic localization.

KINGSTON LAND TRUST, Kingston, N.Y., for the Kingston Land Trust's community-garden work called City Gardens. The Kingston Land Trust is committed to the protection and preservation of open space, historic sites, wetlands, scenic areas, and forests in the City of Kingston and the surrounding region.

LYRIC PRODUCTIONS, San Francisco, Ca., for performance-space rental and related costs for Spare Stage, a theatre company dedicated to the production of scripts of artistic and social importance in simplified stagings, allowing Spare Stage to present productions at affordable prices in an increasingly expensive cultural landscape.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality.

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to encourage understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art by the diverse local, national, and international audiences that it serves.

NEIGHBORHOOD PARKS COUNCIL (NPC), San Francisco, Ca., for a contribution to honor Isabel Wade, founder of NPC. NPC was founded in 1996 to advocate for a superior, equitable, and sustainable park and recreation system.

ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION, Finland, Minn., to promote food safety, organic farming, and sustainable-agriculture practices by providing consumers with factual information they can use to make informed food choices.

POETRY FLASH, Berkeley, Ca., for the Northern California Book Awards, which annually recognize excellent books of literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's writing, and translation by regional writers.

PIPER FUND, Amherst, Mass., a funder collaborative that works to expand the reach of finance-reform efforts at the state level. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

PUBLIC CAMPAIGN, Washington, D.C., to provide national leadership to advance understanding and support for public finance of political campaigns.

SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for the annual fund drive. Founded in 1971, Heritage?s mission is to preserve and enhance San Francisco?s unique architectural and cultural identity.

SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for the Haas-Lilienthal House.

SAN FRANCISCO JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL, San Francisco, Ca., for the travel costs of Duki Dror to attend the San Francisco Bay Area screenings of his film, Incessant Visions, about the architect Erich Mendelsohn.

SIERRA CLUB FOUNDATION, San Francisco, Ca., to preserve and protect the natural environment by empowering the citizenry, especially democratically based grassroots organizations, with charitable resources to further the cause of environmental protection.

TOWN SCHOOL FOR BOYS, San Francisco, Ca., for general support.

UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS, Cambridge, Mass., for the Food and Environment Program. The Union of Concerned Scientists works to achieve practical environmental solutions through rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development, and effective citizen advocacy.

WEST MARIN FUND, Point Reyes Station, Ca., a community foundation organized to serve the people of the rural villages of West Marin.

WOMEN'S EARTH ALLIANCE, Berkeley, Ca., in support of their native-women and climate-change work.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, San Francisco, Ca., to present contemporary art from the Bay Area and around the world.

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Closing Report
(to be posted in 2014)