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June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012


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Grants awarded June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012


$50,000 to ASIAN ART MUSEUM, San Francisco, Ca., for Phantoms of Asia, an exhibition of Asian contemporary art (May 18 to September 2, 2012), which explores the question ?What is Asia?? through the lens of supernatural, non-material, and spiritual sensibilities in art.

$50,000 to CONTEMPORARY JEWISH MUSEUM (CJM), San Francisco, Ca., for Trees for Life: A New Vision for Art, Ecology, and Community, an exhibition that highlights how artists and Jewish environmental groups are examining and celebrating the tree in today?s culture.

$50,000 to DOOR DOG MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, San Francisco, Ca., for a trans-Pacific multi-dimensional opera employing the use of simultaneous live performances and interactive virtual technology in both Taipei?s National Theater and San Francisco?s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, premiering in October 2012 as part of Door Dog Music Production?s 13th Annual San Francisco World Music Festival. Funds are earmarked for artistic and production fees related to the International Music Youth Orchestra.

$75,000 to EAST BAY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (EBCPA), Richmond, Ca., to restore and renovate the Winters Building, the Center?s home and teaching facility located in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond, California. The Center provides children and families with a safe, professional space for artistic and community-building programs.

$50,000 to FORT MASON CENTER, San Francisco, Ca., for the renovation of the Cowell Theater lobby, to improve accessibility and make available more space for patron amenities.

$50,000 to KRONOS QUARTET/KRONOS PERFORMING ARTS ASSOCIATION, San Francisco, Ca., for three Kronos-curated programs and an eight-day residency with the Barbican in London in January 2012.

$20,000 over three years to SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, San Francisco, Ca., to support the development of two international collaborative-performance projects underway for the 2012 festival: Thieves, a collaboration of Leyya Tawil of Dance Elixir with artists from Iraq/The Netherlands; and Placas, a collaboration of Paul Flores with artists from Los Angeles and El Salvador.

$75,000 to SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ ORGANIZATION (SFJAZZ), San Francisco, Ca., for the new SFJAZZ Center, the organization?s first permanent home in its 28-year history. Scheduled to open in fall 2012, the SFJAZZ Center will be the West Coast?s first facility dedicated to jazz music and education.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY, San Francisco, Ca., for the American Mavericks Festival, a two-week festival in March 2012 that features three new commissions and landmark works by American composers who shaped the development of music in the 20th century.

$50,000 to TENDERLOIN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, San Francisco, Ca., for planning and organizing for the development of the Mid-Market Arts District, to revitalize and transform this central area of San Francisco. The North of Market Neighborhood Improvement Corporation is the sponsor.

$40,000 to Z SPACE STUDIO, San Francisco, Ca., to collaborate with two local artists, composer-jazz musician Marcus Shelby and actor-director-singer Margo Hall on a new musical performance piece, Miss Black World (Michigan), which explores the journey of a young black woman growing up in Detroit during one of the most exciting times for music, and one of the most turbulent for civil rights.

See Other for a list of additional arts grants awarded by the Columbia Foundation Fund of the London Community Foundation.

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Human Rights

Grants awarded June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012

$40,000 to CIVIL MARRIAGE COLLABORATIVE, Amherst, Mass., for the grantmaking program that awards grants to strategic state-based efforts to build and strengthen a broad and diverse constituency at the state level to achieve marriage equality for same-sex couples. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

$40,000 to EQUALITY CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Ca., for The Breakthrough Conversation, a public-education campaign working to overcome negative psychological, cultural, and emotional triggers relating to LGBT people and children, which impede the fight for equality. The focus is on effectively addressing and counteracting the opposition?s claim that marriage equality and teaching about LGBT people in schools ?harms children.?.

$40,000 to FREEDOM TO MARRY, New York, N.Y., for the national-strategy center on marriage equality led by Evan Wolfson. The center provides research, messaging, communications, and political consultations to organizations throughout the country working for marriage equality at the national, state, and local levels.

$75,000 to KELLY + YAMAMOTO PRODUCTIONS, Greenbrae, Ca., for the TRUST CSA Pilot Project to develop tools and techniques to support the use of TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives, a documentary by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto, about Marlin, an eighteen-year-old survivor of rape, who tells her story to a youth-theater group and begins to recover from the trauma through participation in the theatrical production of her story. The film and curriculum guide will be used in school-based education programs for children, parents, and teachers; and in public education to increase awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse (CSA) within trusted circles of family and friends; and to end the taboo about its discussion. Center for Independent Documentary is the sponsor.

$40,000 to MAPLIGHT.ORG, Berkeley, Ca., to track campaign donations and the subsequent votes by elected officials on issues of interest to campaign donors, and to publish this information on their website. MAPLight aims to reach 50 million people through TV, radio, newspaper, and the website with their findings.

$64,000 to NEXTCOURSE, San Francisco, Ca., for a collaborative project between Nextcourse and the San Francisco Sheriff?s Department Women?s Reentry Center (WRC) to create an integrated, multi-disciplinary model for gender-specific post-incarceration vocational training and education for women in San Francisco. The goal is provide a concrete path offering integrated, gender-specific therapeutic services, vocational training and education, coordinated to result in viable employment opportunities for women transitioning from jail. The project will involve all WRC service partners, including the San Francisco Sheriff?s Department; Probation and Parole; Community Works (case management, therapeutic groups); and 5 Keys Charter School (case management, Living Skills, GED, high-school classes).

$40,000 to PIPER FUND, Amherst, Mass., for a funder collaborative that awards grants on a state-by-state basis to expand the reach of campaign-finance-reform efforts at the state and local level. Piper?s focus is to build a broader, stronger reform movement and greatly enhanced communications capacity for the reform community with a focus on public finance of political campaigns. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

$50,000 to PLANTING JUSTICE, Oakland, Ca., for a reentry green-jobs program called Transform your Yard, which trains and employs men formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison to build and maintain permaculture gardens at the homes of both full-paying clients and subsidized low-income households throughout the Bay Area. The goal is to combine in-prison rehabilitation integrated with a living-wage reentry green-jobs program as a core solution for reducing recidivism, promoting human rights, and creating healthier communities.

$100,000 to PRISON UNIVERSITY PROJECT (PUP), San Quentin, Ca., to provide rigorous higher education including an Associate degree to men incarcerated at San Quentin, to create a replicable model for other state prisons, and to stimulate public awareness and dialogue about the state of criminal justice in the United States. PUP operates the only on-site, degree-granting higher-education program in California's state-prison system, and is one of very few such programs in the United States.

$40,000 to PUBLIC CAMPAIGN (PC), Washington, D.C., to provide strategic consulting and materials, including model legislation, for efforts to win and defend well-crafted, small-donor-driven public-financing systems. PC acts as a clearinghouse for public-financing policies nationally, educating an extensive array of constituent audiences about the variety of benefits such systems would bring to civic life and sound decision-making.

$80,000 to SAN FRANCISCO CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION CENTER, San Francisco, Ca., for the Child Safety Awareness: Every Child, Every School Project (CSA Project) to (1) recruit, hire, and train a full-time staff CSA-prevention trainer; (2) implement and formalize a CSA project-training manual; (3) evaluate program efficacy through pre- and post-evaluations; and (4) to recruit, train, and manage a volunteer pool of approximately ten CSA-prevention trainers to work in schools.

$70,000 to SAN FRANCISCO SHERIFF?S DEPARTMENT FIVE KEYS CHARTER SCHOOL, San Francisco, Ca., to support two correctional education projects to increase access to high-school and college classes for prisoners in the San Francisco County Jails: (1) the Five Keys Curriculum Development Project, and (2) a program to provide college-level classes to inmates in 2012. The Five Keys Curriculum Development Project is developing and distributing 35 unique course ?packets? (each worth one high-school unit) designed specifically for incarcerated older youth and adults. Five Keys Charter School and City College of San Francisco are partnering to bring college classes to the San Francisco County Jails to address the educational inequity among San Francisco's incarcerated population, and to help facilitate reentry to the community. The partnership allows inmates enrolled in the Five Keys high-school diploma program to receive concurrent high-school and college credit for coursework.

$25,000 to TRACEY QUEZADA PRODUCTIONS, Berkeley, Ca., for You and Me and the Fruit Trees: Stories of Healing and the Movement to End Child Sexual Abuse, a character-driven documentary that interweaves compelling stories of child sexual abuse (CSA), statistical facts, and interviews with leaders of the movement to end CSA. The grant will enable Quezada to complete production and shooting and edit a rough-cut of the film. From the Heart Productions is the sponsor.

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Food and Farming

Grants awarded June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012

$35,000 to AG INNOVATIONS NETWORK, Sebastopol, Ca., to fundamentally redesign the California Food System Alliance Network to allow it to increase both the number of counties served and their impact in both policy and food-system initiatives.

$50,000 to CALIFORNIA CLIMATE AND AGRICULTURE NETWORK (CalCAN), Occidental Ca., for a collaboration of California?s leading sustainable-agriculture organizations and allies to advance policies that recognize and provide financial rewards for sustainable agricultural practices that mitigate and adapt to climate change. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center is the sponsor.

$47,300 to CALIFORNIA COUNCIL OF LAND TRUSTS, Sacramento, Ca., to create a model, legally defensible agricultural-mitigation ordinance and program, and to implement an effective outreach program to agricultural counties in California to increase active support and county-level action for permanently conserving a large and diverse land base for agricultural production.

$75,000 to CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY (CFS), Washington, D.C., for the California Food and Agriculture Initiative to halt the further commercialization of genetically engineered (GE) crops until the safety and effectiveness of GE crops for sustainable agriculture can be demonstrated.

$50,000 to CONSERVATION CORPS NORTH BAY (CCNB), San Rafael, Ca., for the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden, a year-round teaching farm providing education in sustainable farming ? one that promotes employment, equity, and a strong local economy, while inspiring and migrating the model throughout the region and beyond. This 5.8 acre organic-teaching farm and garden is a collaboration led and managed by CCNB in partnership with the College of Marin (COM) and the University of California Cooperative Extension ? Marin (UCCE). Columbia Foundation funds are earmarked for training new farmers, curriculum development, and outreach to other community colleges.

$30,000 to ECOLOGY CENTER, Berkeley, Ca., for the development of a California Coalition of Farmers? Markets to build an effective industry group that can collectively focus on policy, advocacy, promotion, professional development, and industry standards and regulations.

$50,000 to MARIN AGRICULTURAL LAND TRUST (MALT), Point Reyes, Ca., for MALT to implement its new Mandatory Agricultural Use (MAU) provisions, which require that the lands conserved by these easements remain in productive agricultural use in perpetuity.

$30,000 to ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE (OSA), Port Townsend, Wash., to strengthen the organic-seed system in California by expanding the knowledge and skills of farmers, extension-agency personnel, and current and prospective organic-seed producers. The initial focus is on Northern California with plans eventually to reach eight agro-ecosystem regions in California.

$60,000 to OXFAM AMERICA, Boston, Mass., for The EquiTABLE Food Initiative (EFI): California/Prototype to ensure a dignified livelihood for farmworkers, a stable and professionally trained agricultural workforce for growers, and safer and more environmentally sustainable food for consumers and food purchasers, through a program that certifies the implementation of key labor standards for fruit-and-vegetable crop workers.

$150,000 to ROOTS OF CHANGE (ROC), San Francisco, Ca., for the development of a statewide food-policy council and a media-messaging campaign to recognize and accelerate the emergence of new mainstream sustainable food-and-farming systems in California by the year 2030.

$35,000 to SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING AND URBAN RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (SPUR), San Francisco, Ca., for the Food Systems and Urban Agriculture Program, to expand San Francisco's support for sustainability of the urban food system and regional foodshed, and to secure policy change at both the urban and regional levels through research, public engagement, and advocacy.

$2,500 to SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SYSTEM FUNDERS (SAFSF), Santa Barbara, Ca., for sponsorship of the 2012 Forum of SAFSF in California. New Venture Fund is the sponsor.

$15,000 to TEDDY BEAR FILMS, San Francisco, Ca., for distribution, outreach, and an audience-engagement campaign to enhance the impact of the film Bitter Seeds, a feature documentary film that explores the connection between the commercialization and aggressive marketing of genetically modified (GM) seeds and the subsequent crises of poor farmers in India.

$75,000 to UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS ? AGRICULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE (ASI), Davis, Ca., for continuing support for the new cross-disciplinary undergraduate major in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems to provide students an education that prepares them to revolutionize the food system.

$25,000 to WILD FARM ALLIANCE (WFA), Watsonville, Ca., for an educational project that uses publications, presentations, advocacy, and networking to address the co-management of food safety and biodiversity conservation on organic and sustainable farms.

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Grants awarded June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012


U.K. Grants:


$500,000 to LONDON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (LCF), London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the LCF, a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation for grantmaking by LCF to organizations in the U.K. The following grants were awarded by LCF from the Columbia Foundation Fund:

  1. ?30,609 ($50,000) to DANCE UMBRELLA, London, U.K., for Exile, choreographed and directed by Royston Maldoom and set to John Adams? symphonic work Harmonielehre, a large-scale project involving up to 120 young dancers aged 8 to 17 and an orchestra made up of young players, drawn from London Symphony Orchestra's education programs and joined by members of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).

  2. ?22,790 ($37,227) to HACKNEY EMPIRE, London, U.K., to bring the Isango Ensemble, a South African theatre company, to London to perform La Bohem? at the Hackney Empire Theatre for a minimum of 18 performances over three weeks in May 2012.

  3. ?30,609 ($50,000) to HAMPSTEAD THEATRE, London, U.K., to find, develop, and produce new writing for performance at the Hampstead Downstairs theater in spring 2012. Hampstead Downstairs supports new contemporary writers whose plays are politically and socially engaged, adventurous in form and risk-taking in their reluctance to be pinned down to conventional notions of clarity or subject matter.

  4. ?3,083 ($5,000) to INNER VOICES, London, U.K., for this new chamber choir conducted by Ralph Allwood, which is made up of the best singers from 11 inner-London state schools.

  5. ?25,266 ($41,272) to MUSIC THEATRE WALES (MTW), Cardiff, Wales, to commission and present in London two new 45-minute operas from rising-star composers and major writers: (1) In the Locked Room, by composer Huw Watkins and poet David Harsent, and (2) Ghost Patrol, by composer Stuart MacRae and writer Louise Welsh.

  6. ?6,160 ($10,000) to NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS IN EDUCATION, York, U.K., for the INSPIRE project for author Harriet Goodwin to visit twenty underfunded schools near the Staffordshire/Shropshire border in the U.K. (with a particular emphasis on Shrewsbury and Stoke-on-Trent) and to cover the costs of purchasing books, 70 of which will be given to students at each school, for distribution.

  7. ?6,300 ($10,217) for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS IN EDUCATION, York, U.K., a second and final grant for the INSPIRE project for author Harriet Goodwin to visit underfunded schools near the Staffordshire-Shropshire border in the U.K. (with a particular emphasis on Shrewsbury, Stafford, and Coventry) and to cover the costs of purchasing books, 100 of which will be given to students at each school, for distribution.

  8. ?962 ($1,500) to OLD VIC THEATRE TRUST, London, U.K., for general support for the Old Vic Theatre.

  9. ?1,847 ($3,000) to ORPHEUS CENTRE, Surrey, U.K., to provide opportunities for young disabled adults to promote personal development through performing arts.

  10. ?962 ($1,500) to OXFAM GREAT BRITAIN, Oxford, U.K., for disaster relief work to deliver immediate life-saving assistance to people affected by natural disasters or conflicts, and to build their resilience to future disasters.

  11. ?25,000 ($40,837) to THE OPERA GROUP (TOG), London, U.K., for the 2012 London performance of Babur in London, a new opera by British composer Edward Rushton and Indian librettist Jeet Thayil, which explores themes of ideology, cultural identity, and religious extremism, and the relationships between faith and political violence.

  12. ?16,500 ($26,953) to THE PHOTOGRAPHERS? GALLERY, London, U.K., for the Raqs Media Collective exhibition, from December 2011 to March 2012. The exhibition is based on research on the work of Sir Francis Galton, a pioneering eugenicist who coined the term ?nature versus nurture.? Raqs Media Collective is a group of Delhi-based artists.

  13. ?25,000 ($40,837) to PRS FOR MUSIC FOUNDATION, London, U.K., for a festival of new British music during the Olympic Celebrations of arts and culture in July 2012. The program will be based on the New Music 20 x 12 commissions, which will result in 20 new works each lasting 12 minutes.

  14. ?25,400 ($41,491) to ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY (RSC), London, U.K., for a six-month Mark Ravenhill residency with the RSC to develop a new play. During the six-month residency, Ravenhill will work with RSC ensemble actors in writing and adapting a work, create projects and opportunities for writers and actors, and feed into the artistic dialogue of the company?s work.

  15. ?3,083 ($5,000) to SUMMER FIELDS SCHOOL, Oxford, U.K., for this boarding-and-day preparatory school in Oxford for boys aged 7 to 13.

  16. ?30,000 ($49,005) to T?TE ? T?TE, Twickenham, U.K., for the Opera Festival, wherein new operas will be created, explored, and shared by artists at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, in August 2012.

  17. ?1,920 ($3,000) to UNICORN THEATRE, London, U.K., for general support for this theatre for young audiences.

  18. ?3,000 ($4,865) to WESTMINSTER OPERA, London, U.K., for the Emerging Artists Programme and the summer 2012 production of The Barber of Seville.


Philanthropy and non-profit sector:


$8,860 to COUNCIL ON FOUNDATIONS (COF), Arlington, Va., for 2012 membership. COF is a national nonprofit association of grantmaking foundations and corporations working to increase effectiveness, stewardship, and accountability while providing members with services and support.

$1,000 to ENVIRONMENTAL GRANTMAKERS ASSOCIATION (EGA), New York, N.Y., for 2012 membership. EGA helps member organizations become more effective environmental grantmakers through information sharing, collaboration, and networking.

$1,500 to FOUNDATION CENTER, New York, N.Y., for continuing support for the San Francisco Foundation Center Library. The Foundation Center is a national service organization connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them with tools and information about organized philanthropy.

$2,500 to INDEPENDENT SECTOR, Washington, D.C., for sponsorship of the 2012 Independent Sector Annual Conference in San Francisco.

$2,650 to INDEPENDENT SECTOR, Washington, D.C., for 2012 membership. Independent Sector is a leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate-giving programs.

$1,000 to NATIONAL CENTER FOR FAMILY PHILANTHROPY, Washington, D.C., for 2012 membership to promote philanthropic values, vision, and excellence across generations of donors and donor families with a focus on integrating next-generation family members.

$4,332 to NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GRANTMAKERS (NCG), San Francisco, Ca., for 2012 membership. NCG is a regional association of foundations, corporate-contributions programs, and other public and private grantmakers working to enhance the effectiveness of philanthropy.

$2,500 to SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SYSTEMS FUNDERS, Santa Barbara, Ca., for 2012 membership to provide ongoing educational programs for a national network of funders interested in sustainable food and agriculture. New Venture Fund is the sponsor.


Foundation initiated:


$10,000 to AMERICANS FOR OXFORD, New York, N.Y., with $5,000 earmarked for the Fargher Bursary Award and with $5,000 for the Justin Gosling Bursary Award.

$360,000 over two years to BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY, Waltham, Mass., to increase the endowment of the Madeleine H. Russell Visiting Professorship of Non-Western and Comparative Studies in order to allow Brandeis to expand the Visiting Professorship from a half-year to a full-year appointment.

$10,000 to CITY ARTS AND LECTURES, San Francisco, Ca., in honor of Sydney Goldstein for the rehabilitation of the Nourse Auditorium.

$50,000 over two years to FRIENDS OF THE URBAN FOREST, San Francisco, Ca., for long-term fiscal planning to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem through community plantings, maintenance, education, and advocacy within San Francisco.

$10,000 to NATIONAL AIDS MEMORIAL GROVE, San Francisco, Ca., for an unrestricted grant for the 20th Anniversary Campaign to be used for the highest priority needs of the Grove. Tides Center is the sponsor.

$250,000 to SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., a conditional grant for the capital campaign to raise $5 million for the Haas-Lilienthal House, of which $3.5 million is to be used for repairs and LEED-related upgrades; and $1.5 million is earmarked for the endowment for ongoing maintenance costs.

$20,000 to SAN FRANCISCO BALLET, San Francisco, Ca., to underwrite expenses for the San Francisco Ballet's tour to London in September 2012.

$100,000 over two years to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA, San Francisco, Ca., to present opera performances to the widest possible audience, to perpetuate and enrich the operatic art form, and to provide leadership in training, arts education, and audience development.


General support contributions of $5,000 or less:


ACLU FOUNDATION OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Ca., to protect the civil liberties of all people in Northern California.

AMERICAN FRIENDS OF ETON COLLEGE, McLean, Va., for Eton College, a British independent boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18.

AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, Washington, D.C., to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

BARENBOIM-SAID FOUNDATION U.S.A., New York, N.Y., for the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, a program for young Israeli and Palestinian musicians and others from various countries in the Middle East.

CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, San Francisco, Ca., for its exhibitions and programs to explore, explain, and protect the natural world.

CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION, Pasadena, Ca., to increase access to arts education for all California children.

CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, Washington, D.C., a national legal and advocacy center that works to challenge harmful food-production technologies and promote sustainable alternatives.

CENTER FOR FOR LAND-BASED LEARNING, Winters, Ca., for the California Farm Academy to train, mentor, and provide access to land for motivated, hard-working young farm entrepreneurs.

CENTER FOR URBAN EDUCATION ABOUT SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (CUESA), San Francisco, Ca., to promote a sustainable food system through the operation of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and its educational programs.

CONGREGATION EMANU-EL, San Francisco, Ca., for general support.

CULTURAL CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to support traditional-native-foodshed and seed-restoration work.

DAVIS MEDIA ACCESS, Davis, Ca., a community media center serving Davis and surrounding areas, which aims to enrich and strengthen the community by providing alternatives to commercial media for local voices, opinions, and creative endeavors.

EARTHJUSTICE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, Oakland, Ca., to protect natural resources and wildlife, and to defend the right of all people to a healthy environment.

ECOCITY BUILDERS, Oakland, Ca., for the International Ecocity Framework Project to enable city officials and other community members to analyze and evaluate their city in an integrated framework that supports systemic thinking and solutions.

FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco, Ca., for the de Young and the Legion of Honor museums.

FOOD AND WATER WATCH, Washington, D.C., to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced.

THE FOOD PROJECT, Lincoln, Mass., for the Live Real Project, a national initiative working to create a "real-food" system that works for the people, gives back to the earth, and improves neighborhoods.

FRIENDS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY, San Francisco, Ca., for the free public-library system in San Francisco. The Friends Foundation is a citizen-led support group for San Francisco public libraries.

FRIENDS OF THE URBAN FOREST, San Francisco, Ca., to promote a larger, healthier urban forest, as part of the urban ecosystem, through community plantings, maintenance, education, and advocacy within San Francisco.

GAY ICE HOCKEY ALL STARS, Denver, Colo., for You Can Play, a new campaign to fight homophobia in sports. GForce Sports is the fiscal sponsor.

GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL PARKS CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to help improve parkland, and for ongoing programs that foster community stewardship of national parks.

THE GREENHORNS, Rhinebeck, N.Y., a grassroots organization made up of young farmers and many collaborators, with the mission to recruit, promote and support a new generation of young farmers in 21st century America. Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs is the sponsor.

METROPOLE FILM BOARD, New York, N.Y., for The Lavender Scare, a film detailing the witch hunt for LGBT people during the McCarthy era.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality.

MISSION GRADUATES, San Francisco, Ca., a nonprofit organization that increases the number of K-12 students, in San Francisco's Mission District, who are prepared for and complete a college education.

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to encourage understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art by the diverse local, national, and international audiences that it serves.

NATIONAL AIDS MEMORIAL GROVE, San Francisco, Ca., in honor of Nancy Pelosi?s 25th year in Congres. Tides Center is the sponsor.

NEW ISRAEL FUND, Washington, D.C., for the Legacy Tour and distribution of the film, Incessant Visions, a documentary on the life and work of the architect Erich Mendelsohn.

ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION, Finland, Minn., to promote food safety, organic farming, and sustainable-agriculture practices by providing consumers with factual information they can use to make informed food choices.

POETRY FLASH, Berkeley, Ca., for the Northern California Book Awards, which annually recognize excellent books of literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's writing, and translation by regional writers.

PIPER FUND, Amherst, Mass., a funder collaborative that works to expand the reach of finance-reform efforts at the state level. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

PUBLIC CAMPAIGN, Washington, D.C., to provide national leadership to advance understanding and support for public financing of political campaigns.

SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for the Haas-Lilienthal House.

SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY, Friday Harbor, Wash., to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

SIERRA CLUB FOUNDATION, San Francisco, Ca., to preserve and protect the natural environment by empowering the citizenry, especially democratically based grassroots organizations, with charitable resources to further the cause of environmental protection.

SPARE STAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for performance-space rental and related costs for a theatre company dedicated to the production of scripts of artistic and social importance in simplified stagings, allowing the company to present productions at affordable prices in an increasingly expensive cultural landscape.

SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES LAW CENTER, Oakland, Ca., to provide legal resources, education, and advocacy to support a transition to more sustainable, localized, and just economies. Community Ventures is the sponsor.

TOWN SCHOOL FOR BOYS, San Francisco, Ca., an independent school for boys K to 8th grade.

UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS, Cambridge, Mass., for the Food and Environment Program. The Union of Concerned Scientists works to achieve practical environmental solutions through rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development, and effective citizen advocacy.

VERSAILLES FOUNDATION,, New York, N.Y., for the Claude Monet Foundation ? Giverny, to preserve and restore Claude Monet's former property at Giverny, bequeathed to France's Academie des Beaux-Arts by the artist's son Michel in 1966.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, San Francisco, Ca., to present contemporary art from the Bay Area and around the world.

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Closing Report
(to be posted in 2014)