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Grants Awarded
June 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013


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Grants awarded June 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013


$50,000 to AMERICAN ASSOCIATES OF THE NATIONAL THEATRE, New York, N.Y., for National Theatre Future, a capital campaign for the first comprehensive restoration of the National Theatre in London since 1976, including enlarging the Cottesloe Theatre and constructing a new backstage building on the existing site to provide additional production spaces for artists and designers.

$35,000 to AFRICAN-AMERICAN SHAKESPEARE COMPANY, San Francisco, Ca., for Ellington's Isfahan, a play inspired by Duke Ellington's travels in Iran, his Far East Suite album, and the song Isfahan. The play is developed by the African-American Shakespeare Company and Golden Thread Productions and premieres in 2014 at the African-American Shakespeare Company's Buriel Clay Theater.

$50,000 to ASIAN ART MUSEUM, San Francisco, Ca., for Artist Interventions, a contemporary-art exhibition opening in April 2013 involving seven Bay Area artists.

$50,000 to CITY ARTS AND LECTURES, San Francisco, Ca., for the Nourse Auditorium Project to restore the theater at 275 Hayes Street, located in the heart of San Francisco?s performing-arts center.

$30,000 to CONTEMPORARY JEWISH MUSEUM (CJM), San Francisco, Ca., for the spring 2013 exhibition of The World Stage: Israel, a work by African-American artist Kehinde Wiley, which explores the global Diaspora through portraits based on photographs that the artist took of men of diverse religions and ethnicities living in Israel.

$30,000 to CUTTING BALL THEATER, San Francisco, Ca., to develop and present Krispy Kritters in the Scarlett Night, a new play about love and longing in the neglected neighborhoods of San Francisco, for performance beginning in May 2013.

$20,000 to DANCERS? GROUP, San Francisco, Ca., for the development and world premiere of He Moved Swiftly But Gently Down the Not Too Crowded Street: True Tales of Hoodoo Magic in a City That Once Was..., a dance-theater exploration of the life and work of Ed Mock.

$30,000 to DOOR DOG MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, San Francisco, Ca., for the development and world premiere of The Propaganda Project, a new festival-commissioned stage production that critically explores traditional music as a recent tool of institutional propaganda, as part of a new trilogy series called Global Music Commissions for the annual San Francisco World Music Festival, premiering in 2013.

$30,000 to OPERA PARALL?LE, San Francisco, Ca., for a contemporary-opera production, Osvaldo Golijov?s Ainadamar, libretto by American playwright David Henry Hwang, opening in February 2013 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

$5,000 to FACT/SF, San Francisco, Ca., for the spring 2013 premiere of Falling, a 50-minute contemporary dance for six performers, at Project Artaud Z Space.

$20,000 to JOE GOODE PERFORMANCE GROUP, San Francisco, Ca., for activities beginning in January 2013 to create an ongoing creative audience-engagement project known as The Human Kind Series.

$10,000 to LEVYDANCE, San Francisco, Ca., for Comfort Zone, a dance and new-media installation to be created by Benjamin Levy while in residence at the Exploratorium.

$35,000 to MAGIC THEATRE, San Francisco, Ca., for the 2012-2013 Season to present new plays and extended workshops that stretch the dialogue of what we think of as family, including an extended public workshop of Hir, a new play by Taylor Mac.

$10,000 to MERIDIAN GALLERY, San Francisco, Ca., for Dark Nights, Bright Lights, a cross-disciplinary festival of sound art, visual arts, installations, performance, and community participation that explores ancient rituals within contemporary-art practices, taking place during December 2012. Society for Art Publications of the Americas is the sponsor.

$25,000 to SAN FRANCISCO CAMERAWORK, San Francisco, Ca., for the build-out and upgrading of San Francisco Camerawork gallery at 1011 Market Street.

$20,000 to SAN FRANCISCO CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, San Francisco, Ca., for the development and world premiere of a new musical commission with narration, Journey of the Shadow, a story of a boy who writes to his father, a soldier in Afghanistan, which illustrates the persistent innocence of children against the backdrop of war. The piece is crafted from on an Andean folktale about the creation of the world, and premieres in late April 2013. (original title: Isicha and the Pistaqo)

$60,000 to SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ ORGANIZATION, San Francisco, Ca., towards the completion of a capital campaign to raise the remaining $4.7 million (of $64 million total) for the SFJAZZ Center to pay for construction costs and contribute towards the SFJAZZ endowment. The SFJAZZ Center is the West Coast's first facility dedicated to jazz music and education. The new center allows SFJAZZ to create and implement new education and community programming in its new neighborhood (Hayes Valley/Civic Center) and for diverse populations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and to offer a stellar line-up of the greatest jazz musicians in performance in the 700-seat theater.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA, San Francisco, Ca., for The Trojans, a 2015 new opera production of composer Hector Berlioz's French romantic epic (based on Virgil's Aeneid), commissioned in collaboration with the Royal Opera, Vienna State Opera, and Teatro alla Scala.

$30,000 to SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, San Francisco, Ca., for the Visual Arts Program 2013 to refine the core visual-arts program to move from presenting exhibitions to focusing on commissioning through a project-based program model.

$2,500 to WILD RUMPUS, San Francisco, Ca., for composers? honoraria and performers? fees for the 2012-2013 season. San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music is the sponsor.

$30,000 to YOUTH SPEAKS, San Francisco, Ca., for The Living Word Project (LWP), a repertory-theater company, to develop and produce three new works in 2013: (1) Chinaka Hodge?s Mehserle: Watts Up?; (2) Dahlak Brathwaite?s Spiritrials; and (3) Rafael Casal?s The LIMP.

See Other for a list of additional arts grants awarded by the Columbia Foundation Fund of the London Community Foundation.

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Human Rights

Grants awarded June 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013

$120,000 to CENTER FOR INNOVATION AND RESOURCES (CIR), Rohnert Park, Ca., to implement the Enough Abuse child-sexual-abuse-prevention trainings for community members and professionals in the Bay Area, and to foster a regional community-wide education-and-prevention campaign while working within the infrastructure provided by the local Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Councils. Enough Abuse is a program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The grant is for a two-year period with $60,000 earmarked for program expenditures in 2013 and $60,000 earmarked for program expenditures in 2014.

$40,000 to CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE (CSAE), Washington, D.C., for for general support. CSAE conducts research, public education, and bipartisan policy development on issues relating to citizen political participation. CSAE is a source for data and analysis of issues related to voter turnout in the United States, publishing six biennial election-year studies on registration and voting. CSAE is the outgrowth of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate (1976-2005) and the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University (2005-2011).

$10,000 to DELANCEY STREET FOUNDATION, San Francisco, Ca., for general support for the Life Learning Academy (LLA), a San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) charter high school, which has an extended-day, structured, comprehensive school program that provides hands-on, project-based learning and a school-to-career focus for highest-need students (those who have been expelled or dropped out of all other high schools including continuation schools) in San Francisco. LLA was founded in 1998 by Delancey Street Foundation.

$80,000 to EACH ONE, REACH ONE (EORO), South San Francisco, Ca., for a program comprised of four juvenile detention-based education programs (GED Study Hall, Playwriting Program, Girl's Healthy Choices, and Boy's Keeping It Safe [KIS] programs), and post-release transitional programming through Success Center of San Francisco (SCSF) employment and education programs. The $80,000 grant is for a two-year period with $40,000 earmarked for expenditures in 2013 and $40,000 earmarked for expenditures in 2014.

$7,000 to A HOME WITHIN, San Francisco, Ca., for general support. Through its clinical program, A Home Within provides free or low-cost long-term therapy to promote and support the emotional health of foster children and youth to help them heal from trauma and loss, and to build and protect a long-lasting relationship that is independent of the foster-care bureaucracy.

$50,000 to KELLY + YAMAMOTO PRODUCTIONS, Greenbrae, Ca., to expand the use of TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives, a documentary film and related curricular materials by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto, about Marl?n, an eighteen-year-old survivor of child sexual abuse who tells her story to a youth-theater group and begins to recover from the trauma through participation in the theatrical production of her story. Center for Independent Documentary (CID) is the sponsor.

$25,000 to MAPLIGHT.ORG, Berkeley, Ca., for general support to track campaign donations and the subsequent votes by elected officials on issues of interest to major campaign donors, and to publish this information on its website. MapLight works to create a more accountable, transparent, and democratic society where lawmakers are responsive to citizen concerns, rather than the interests of large campaign donors.

$75,000 to PLANTING JUSTICE (PJ), Oakland, Ca., for Transform your Yard, a reentry green-jobs program, which trains and employs men formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison and low-income youth of color to build and maintain permaculture gardens at the homes of both full-paying clients and subsidized low-income households throughout the Bay Area. PJ programs combine in-prison rehabilitation that is integrated with a living-wage reentry green-jobs program as a core solution for reducing recidivism, promoting human rights, and creating healthier and safer communities.

$120,000 to PREVENTION INSTITUTE (PI), Oakland, Ca., for a two-year program to contribute frameworks, tools, and a systems approach to enhance and expand the reach and efficacy of child-sexual-abuse prevention programs. $60,000 of the grant is earmarked for expenses in 2013 and $60,000 is earmarked for expenses in 2014. PI will document the most effective primary-prevention strategies and convene a minimum of six quarterly meetings to include CIR, Partners in Prevention/YMCAs of California, and other organizations they identify to share ideas and promote collaborative prevention strategies for primary prevention. The goal is to strengthen prevention practices, thus reducing the likelihood that child sexual abuse will occur.

$68,000 to PRISON MEDIA PROJECT/SAN QUENTIN NEWS, San Rafael, Ca., a grant to support the annual costs for two years to produce, edit, print, and distribute the San Quentin News to the state's 33 prisons to provide information about the positive rehabilitative methods employed at San Quentin and to analyze the criminal-justice system in the U.S. The grant of $68,000 is for a two-year period with $34,000 earmarked for expenses in 2013 and $34,000 for expenses in 2014. The San Quentin News is an on-going project of San Quentin inmates, with assistance from professional journalists, who volunteer their time. The paper is written and edited by San Quentin prisoners; fundraising proposals also are developed by the prisoners who work on the paper. Media Alliance is the sponsor.

$200,000 to PRISON UNIVERSITY PROJECT (PUP), San Quentin, Ca., for continuing support to provide rigorous higher education and an AA degree to men incarcerated at San Quentin, to expand the reach of education programs for prisoners, and to stimulate public awareness and dialogue about the effectiveness of education to reduce recidivism and improve public safety. The grant of $200,000 is for a two-year period with $100,000 earmarked for expenses in 2013 and $100,000 for expenses in 2014. PUP operates the only on-site, degree-granting higher-education program in California's state-prison system, and is one of very few such programs in the United States.

$150,000 to PROJECT REBOUND, San Francisco, Ca., to expand the Project Rebound program at San Francisco State University, to give ex-offenders a second chance through education, to provide services to the growing number of Project Rebound students, to create more educational opportunities for currently incarcerated individuals, and to pilot statewide replication of the Project Rebound model. The $150,000 grant is for a two-year period with $100,000 earmarked for expenses in 2013 and $50,000 earmarked for expenses in 2014. Project Rebound will work to: (1) provide effective, culturally sensitive, and customized service to help matriculated Project Rebound students through the educational pipeline at San Francisco State University; (2) conduct outreach about educational opportunities to currently incarcerated and recently released individuals; (3) develop a pathway in education from San Francisco County Jails to San Francisco State University; and (4) build capacity for statewide dissemination of the Project Rebound model. Associated Students Inc. is the sponsor.

$200,000 to REDWOODS GROUP FOUNDATION, Morrisville, N.C. for Partners in Prevention (PIP), a collaborative effort between The Redwoods Group Foundation, California YMCAs, and Darkness to Light (D2L) to plan and implement community-wide education programs to prepare adults to work effectively for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The $200,000 grant is for a two-year period with $125,000 earmarked for expenses in 2013 and $75,000 for expenses in 2014. 2013 is the first year of a three-year implementation plan for California during which the first 15 of the 38 YMCA associations in California will provide leadership for D2L training programs in their communities. The goal is to work with the California State YMCA Alliance to spread the model across California over the next three years and educate 12,000 California adults on prevention. Partners in Prevention rallies local organizations to work together with YMCAs in their communities on child protection through the D2L program, an evidence-based child-sexual-abuse-prevention training. The PIP effort began in late 2010, training over 13,000 adults in 10 states to date.

$80,000 to SAN FRANCISCO CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION CENTER (SFCAPC), San Francisco, Ca., for continuing support for the Child Safety & Community Awareness project to provide essential child-safety education ? and child-sexual-abuse-prevention education ? to children, parents, and community members across San Francisco. SFCAPC will work to (1) educate approximately 7,000 children in San Francisco?s K-5 schools to help them understand, resist, and disclose abuse; (2) train 800 mandated reporters in the school system to promote correct and prompt reporting of abuse; (3) train 300 to 350 parents of children in K-5 schools to help them reinforce children?s safety skills and confidence; (4) educate every child, teacher, and parent in a targeted high-needs elementary school to promote a community safety net that empowers children to resist and disclose abuse, reaching approximately 250 to 350 participants; (5) develop new, comprehensive outcome indicators to measure a child?s knowledge of safety lessons and positive behavior change; (6) develop an implementation plan for a comprehensive, multi-year, citywide public-education campaign to raise awareness on child-abuse issues; (7) partner with the Center for Innovation and Resources to assess the viability of the well regarded Enough Abuse Campaign for the San Francisco community; and (8) partner with public and private agencies to implement initial public-awareness efforts using the Enough Abuse Campaign materials tailored to the San Francisco audience or another established public-awareness model, as appropriate.

$75,000 to SAN FRANCISCO CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION CENTER (SFCAPC), San Francisco, Ca., for the Children?s Advocacy Center (CAC), for the completion of the new center on Third Street, San Francisco, to provide coordinated and intensive services to children who have suffered abuse, neglect, or exposure to violence.

$70,000 to SAN FRANCISCO SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT FIVE KEYS CHARTER SCHOOL (FKCS), San Francisco, Ca., for (1) continuing support to complete the Five Keys Curriculum project, developing and distributing 35 additional unique course packets (each worth one high-school unit) designed specifically for incarcerated older youth and adults; and (2) one-time assistance with the start-up and operating costs for FKCS involvement in the San Francisco Community Assessment and Service Center in partnership with Adult Probation to provide education to recently released ex-offenders, who are placed in one of four tracks: (1) high-school diploma, (2) GED; (3) adult basic education (ABE); or (4) workforce development.

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Food and Farming

Grants awarded June 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013

$82,000 to AG INNOVATIONS NETWORK, Sebastopol, Ca., to complete implementation of an updated Food System Alliance Network model to make it more effective and efficient as a vehicle for increasing the sustainability of food-and-agriculture systems. The California Food System Alliance Network works to create sustainable, long-lasting, local institutions that are poised to address complex problems within food systems as they arise by: (1) supporting the priority issues and related actions emerging in all Alliances, such as farm-to-institution initiatives, aggregation and regional infrastructure (food hubs, alternative distribution models, local slaughter houses for producers, etc.), access and food security, policy, and land-use issues; (2) enhancing collaboration within the network by connecting similar committee initiatives in other counties; (3) connecting these local initiatives to statewide actions or policies as they emerge; and (4) expanding the number of county-based Food System Alliances. $41,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $41,000 for 2014.

$80,000 to CALIFORNIA CLIMATE AND AGRICULTURE NETWORK (CalCAN), Occidental, Ca., for a collaboration of California's leading sustainable-agriculture organizations and allies to develop model policies that recognize and provide financial rewards for sustainable-agriculture practices that mitigate and adapt to climate change. $40,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $40,000 for 2014. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center is the sponsor.

$100,000 to CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, Washington, D.C., for the California Food and Agriculture Initiative to halt the further commercialization of genetically engineered (GE) crops until the safety and effectiveness of GE crops for sustainable organic agriculture is demonstrated. This initiative includes work to prevent new approvals and/or commercialization of GE crops; contain and reduce the number and uses of crops already approved; promote strict environmental and human-health laws and regulations nationally and in California; and ensure that GE food products already on the market are appropriately labeled. $50,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $50,000 for 2014.

$100,000 to ECOLOGY CENTER, Berkeley, Ca., for continuing support for the California Association of Farmers' Markets, to build an effective statewide association that can be a driving force for sustainable farming at the state and national level by collaboratively focusing on: (1) food access; (2) collective promotion and marketing; (3) professional development and best practices; and (4) policy and regulation. $50,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $50,000 for 2014.

$80,000 to FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT REPORTING NETWORK (FERN), New York, N.Y., to produce investigative reporting on food, agriculture, and environmental health through publication partnerships with respected local and national media outlets. In 2013, FERN will expand to produce between 15 and 20 hard-hitting investigative news stories and support its stories with strong public-relations campaigns. Topics that FERN will prioritize include: (1) climate impacts of agriculture and the related issue of nitrogen pollution; (2) impact of the continued expansion of GMOs; (3) corporate involvement in federal agricultural policy; (4) the effects of fracking on agriculture and food; (5) use of antibiotics in agriculture and food safety; (6) the human impact on wild-ocean fisheries; and (7) biofuel production. $40,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $40,000 for 2014.

$60,000 to ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE (OSA), Port Townsend, Wash., to develop a healthy regional sustainable seed system in Northern California. OSA?s systems-based, hub-based, and field-based approach to developing sustainable seed systems in California involves: (1) teaching seed-production best practices to current and prospective organic-seed producers; (2) conducting trials to find high-performing organic-seed varieties; (3) developing new varieties adapted for organic agriculture through farm-based plant breeding; (4) training farmers and extension personnel to be seed experts for their regions; and (5) creating opportunities for seed enterprises to develop. $30,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $30,000 for 2014.

$50,000 to OXFAM AMERICA, Boston, Mass., for The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), a multi-stakeholder effort to develop labor, pesticide and food-safety standards, certify compliance with those standards, and provide complementary training and verification services to growers and their workers to help farms achieve compliance. In so doing, EFI seeks to ensure: (1) a safe, healthy, and dignified livelihood for America's farmworkers; (2) a stable and professionally trained agricultural workforce for growers; and (3) a safer and more environmentally sustainable food supply for retailers and consumers.

$150,000 to ROOTS OF CHANGE (ROC), San Francisco, Ca., to build the power and efficacy of the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) to develop a broad set of new food-and-agriculture guidelines and policies for California that will influence the nation and support an agroecological approach to food production that recognizes the need for equity and ecology as the cornerstones of resilience. $150,000 is recommended for an 18-month period from May 2013 through October 2014. Public Health Institute is the sponsor.

$35,000 to SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING AND URBAN RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (SPUR), San Francisco, Ca., to expand the scope of the Food Systems and Urban Agriculture Program to build support in the Bay Area?s central cities for a stronger regional foodshed. The Food Systems and Urban Agriculture Program is a coordinated effort addressing both how San Francisco can re-integrate agriculture into the urban fabric and how Bay Area cities can support a regional food economy. Columbia grant funds are earmarked specifically for the regional foodshed work. In 2013, SPUR will: (1) publish a new report with recommendations for how Bay Area policy-makers can better support a regional food economy; and (2) launch an assessment and strategic-planning process with the City of San Francisco to strengthen its food-industry cluster.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO PLANNING DEPARTMENT, San Francisco, Ca., for Stimulating San Francisco's Food Industry Cluster, a one-year collaboration to assess the demand for manufacturing space, opportunities for job creation and connections with local farmers, and other required inputs necessary to stimulate a food-industry cluster in San Francisco. Several San Francisco city agencies, including the Planning Department and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, are working with local businesses, nonprofits, and SPUR to support local food production and distribution.

$100,000 to UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS FOUNDATION/AGRICULTURAL SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE (ASI), Davis, Ca., for an Endowed Professorship in Agroecology, to support research and teaching and to permanently link an agroecologist to the new undergraduate major in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. This endowed professorship is part of a larger effort to help ensure the ability of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute to contribute to sustainable-agriculture teaching and research for generations to come.

$15,000 to WATERSHED MEDIA, Healdsburg, Ca., for the cost of updating and re-issuing Farming and the Fate of Wild Nature (2006), a book by Dan Imhoff of Watershed Media and Jo Ann Baumgartner of Wild Farm Alliance, and a follow-on advocacy campaign focused on biodiversity and conservation in agriculture.

$56,000 to WILD FARM ALLIANCE, Watsonville, Ca., for Organic Biodiversity Conservation Education: Making the Most of New Certifier Requirements to: (1) build the capacity of organic inspectors and certifying agencies to meet the National Organic Program's mandate (organic operations must maintain or improve soil, water, wetlands, woodland, and wildlife); (2) expand the number of Technical Service Providers able to assist organic farmers and ranchers to ensure they can meet compliance; and (3) foster biodiversity conservation (with appropriate food-safety measures) on the 5-million acres of organically managed land in the U.S. $23,000 is earmarked for 2013 and $33,000 for 2014.

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Grants awarded June 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013


U.K. Grants:


$300,000 to LONDON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (LCF), London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the LCF, a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation to facilitate grantmaking by Columbia through LCF to organizations in the U.K.

$94,000 to LONDON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the LCF, a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation to facilitate grantmaking by Columbia through LCF to organizations in the U.K.

$3,380 to LONDON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the LCF, a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation to facilitate grantmaking by Columbia through LCF to organizations in the U.K.

$74,420 to LONDON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, London, U.K., for the Columbia Foundation Fund of the LCF, a donor-advised fund established by Columbia Foundation to facilitate grantmaking by Columbia through LCF to organizations in the U.K.

The following grants were awarded by LCF from the Columbia Foundation Fund:

  1. $1,000 to BRITTEN SINFONIA, London, U.K., for general support of Britten Sinfonia, one of the world's most celebrated and pioneering ensembles.

  2. ?9,000 ($14,000) to CHORAL COURSE FOUNDATION, London, U.K., for scholarships for students in need of financial assistance to participate in Eton Choral Courses. Choral Course Foundation aims to enable young and enthusiastic singers to attend choral courses irrespective of experience or financial constraint.

  3. ?1,800 ($2,882) to CHORAL COURSE FOUNDATION, London, U.K., to sponsor three young students to attend Eton Choral Courses. Choral Course Foundation aims to enable young and enthusiastic singers to attend choral courses irrespective of experience or financial constraint.

  4. ?35,093 ($55,000) to ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA, London, U.K., for Sunken Garden, a new chamber opera by composer Michael van der Aa and librettist David Mitchell, premiering at the Barbican Theatre in April 2013.

  5. ?19,142 ($30,000) to HOFESH SHECHTER COMPANY, London, U.K., for a new dance work co-produced by Sadler?s Wells Theatre, premiering in November 2013 in London.

  6. ?25,522 ($40,000) to LONDON SINFONIETTA, London, U.K., for a collaboration with The Opera Group and the Young Vic to produce American Lulu, a new opera composed by Olga Neuwirth exploring the social, racial, and gender revolutions that characterized America in the mid-20th century, premiering at the Young Vic in September 2013.

  7. $3,000 to ONLY CONNECT, London, U.K., a group of crime prevention programs working across London, centered on using the arts to reduce re-offending rates.

  8. ?10,209 ($16,000) to THE PLACE, London, U.K., for the Richard Alston Dance Company production of Buzzing Round The Hunnisuccle, a new commissioned dance work by Richard Alston, premiering in February 2013 at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London.

  9. ?25,522 ($40,000) to ROYAL COURT THEATRE, London, U.K., for Rough Cuts, a theatre-development program that allows both emerging and established writers to experiment with their craft and take risks with their art.

  10. ?7,000 ($11,185) to RODOLFUS CHOIR, London, u.K., for the commissioning and performance of a new composition by Paul Mealor FRSA to mark the centenary birth of the composer Benjamin Britten in 2013. The Rodolfus Choir is an ensemble of exceptional young singers aged 16 to 25 assembled and conducted by Ralph Allwood MBE, the former Precentor and Director of Music at Eton College and founder of Eton Choral Courses.

  11. ?19,142 ($30,000) to SADLER?S WELLS THEATRE, London, U.K., for 1961, a new commissioned dance co-production with Mark Wallinger, which is based on the moment when Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev decided to defect at a Paris airport in 1961, to premiere at Sadler's Wells in autumn 2013. [Grant was subsequently rescinded.]

  12. $3,000 to SCENE & HEARD, London, U.K., for general support of Scene & Heard, a mentoring program that partners the inner city children of Somers Town, London, with volunteer theatre professionals, to give them the experience of quality one-on-one adult attention and to enable them to write and sometimes perform their own plays.

  13. ?19,142 ($30,000) to SPITALFIELDS FESTIVAL, London, U.K., to commission Tarik O'Regan to write Monteverdi Reimagined, a new piece that combines film, theatre, and music, to be premiered in 2013. [Grant was subsequently rescinded.]

  14. ?75,000 ($113,090) to SUMMER FIELDS SCHOOL, Oxford, U.K., for the purchase and installation of a new organ. Summer Fields is a boarding-and-day preparatory school in Oxford for boys aged 7 to 13.

  15. ?31,903 ($50,000) to TARA ARTS GROUP, London, U.K., for the renovation of the Tara Theatre in Earlsfield, London. Founded in 1977, the company tours adaptations of European and Asian classics, develops new writing, brings the great stories of the world to children in junior schools, and develops emerging and mid-career artists and new audiences. Tara was the first Asian-led theatre company to be established in the U.K.

  16. ?3,296 ($5,000) to WESTMINSTER OPERA COMPANY, London, U.K., for the 2013 Emerging Artists Program and the 2013 season of performance of Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell.

  17. ?39,000 ($59,000) to WIGMORE HALL, London, U.K., for the Endowment Fund to help Wigmore Hall reach its target of ?1 million raised by May 2015 for its chamber-music programs. Proceeds from the Endowment Fund will allow Wigmore to deliver innovative programs over the long term and expand a roster of artistic relationships.


Foundation initiated:


$45,515 to AMERICAN FRIENDS OF ETON COLLEGE, McLean, Va., for the restoration of the Snetzler organ in the College Chapel. Eton College is a British independent boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18.

$34,000 to AMERICAN FRIENDS OF COVENT GARDEN, New York, N.Y., for the Royal Opera House.

$10,000 to AMERICANS FOR OXFORD, New York, N.Y., for St. Edmund Hall with $5,000 earmarked for the Fargher Bursary Award and $5,000 for the Justin Gosling Bursary Award.

$215,134 to THE BANCROFT LIBRARY, Berkeley, Ca., for the Columbia Foundation Archive, for The Bancroft Library to preserve and make accessible Columbia Foundation's archive. Regents of the University of California is the sponsor.

$200,000 to CALIFORNIA FARMLINK, Santa Cruz, Ca., partial conversion of a program-related investment (PRI) to a grant for loan equity and for operating costs. California FarmLink works to strengthen independent family farms and build sustainable food systems by helping small- and mid-scale farmers to lease and purchase land, access capital, and improve business and financial-management skills.

$10,000 to FRIENDS OF THE URBAN FOREST, San Francisco, Ca., to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem through community plantings, maintenance, education, and advocacy within San Francisco.

$10,000 to NATIONAL AIDS MEMORIAL GROVE, San Francisco, Ca., for general support of the National AIDS Memorial Grove, dedicated to the creation and long-term maintenance of the first living memorial to those lost to AIDS and in support of those living with HIV. Tides Center is the sponsor.

$10,000 to SAN FRANCISCO ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, San Francisco, Ca., for the Restoration Campaign for the Haas-Lilienthal House, the Queen Anne-style Victorian, completed in 1886, which is the only intact private home of the period that is open regularly as a museum, complete with authentic furniture and artifacts. (The new name of the organization is San Francisco Heritage.)

$187,000 to SAN FRANCISCO BALLET, San Francisco, Ca., for the New Productions Fund. San Francisco Ballet is America's first professional ballet company.

$50,000 to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA, San Francisco, Ca., to present opera performances to the widest possible audience, to perpetuate and enrich the operatic art form, and to provide leadership in training, arts education, and audience development.

$10,000 to STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Stanford, Ca., for the President's Fund.


General support contributions of $5,000 or less:


ACLU FOUNDATION OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Ca., to protect the civil liberties of all people in Northern California.

AFTERIMAGE PUBLIC MEDIA, San Francisco, Ca., for the documentary film American Jerusalem, a history of the San Francisco Jewish community.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATES OF THE NATIONAL THEATRE, for the Kovner Challenge Grant of the National Theatre Future Campaign.

AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, Washington, D.C., to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

AMERICANS FOR OXFORD, New York, N.Y., for the Voltaire Foundation, to help finance Volume 51 of the Complete Works of Voltaire in memory of Dr. Richard Fargher.

AMERICANS FOR OXFORD, New York, N.Y., for the Justin Gosling Bursary Fund of St. Edmund's Hall, to provide an annual scholarship each year to a graduate student in the Humanities.

BARENBOIM-SAID FOUNDATION U.S.A., New York, N.Y., for the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, a program for young Israeli and Palestinian musicians and others from various countries in the Middle East.

BAT CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL, Austin, Tex., for research, education, and direct conservation to ensure bats continue to help maintain healthy environments and human economies far into the future. Working with partners and colleagues, Bat Conservation International conducts and supports science-based conservation efforts around the world.

CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, San Francisco, Ca., for its exhibitions and programs to explore, explain, and protect the natural world.

CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION (CAAE), Pasadena, Ca., for general support of CAAE, an organization advancing policy work, planning, and advocacy for quality arts education for every California public-school student.

CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL OF WESTON, Weston, Mass., for this co-educational, day and boarding school.

CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, Washington, D.C., a national legal and advocacy center that works to challenge harmful food-production technologies and promote sustainable alternatives.

CENTER FOR FOR LAND-BASED LEARNING, Winters, Ca., for the California Farm Academy to train, mentor, and provide access to land for motivated, hard-working young farm entrepreneurs.

CENTER FOR URBAN EDUCATION ABOUT SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (CUESA), San Francisco, Ca., for implementation of the Framework for Sustainability.

CONGREGATION EMANU-EL, San Francisco, Ca., for general support.

CORNUCOPIA INSTITUTE, Cornucopia, Wisc., to engage in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture.

CULTURAL CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to support its ongoing native-seed, native-knowledge and food-and-farming programs.

DAVIS MEDIA ACCESS, Davis, Ca., for media and education about sustainable food-and-agriculture issues. Davis Media Access is a community media center serving Davis and surrounding areas, which aims to enrich and strengthen the community by providing alternatives to commercial media for local voices, opinions, and creative endeavors.

EARTHJUSTICE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, Oakland, Ca., to protect natural resources and wildlife, and to defend the right of all people to a healthy environment.

FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO, San Francisco, Ca., for general support for the de Young and the Legion of Honor museums.

FOOD AND WATER WATCH, Washington, D.C., to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible, and sustainably produced.

FRIENDS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY, San Francisco, Ca., for the free public-library system in San Francisco. Friends of the San Francisco Public Library is a member-supported nonprofit organization that advocates, fundraises, and provides critical support for the San Francisco Public Library and related literary and educational programs.

GARDEN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, San Francisco, Ca., for general support of the Garden for the Environment, a teaching garden to provide the practical skills San Franciscans need to personally contribute to environmental sustainability through their gardens, farms, and food. San Francisco Parks Alliance is the sponsor.

GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL PARKS CONSERVANCY, San Francisco, Ca., to help improve parkland, and for ongoing programs that foster community stewardship of national parks.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality.

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK, New York, N.Y., for programs and services of the museum to encourage understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art by the diverse local, national and international audiences that it serves.

OCCIDENTAL ARTS AND ECOLOGY CENTER, Occidental, Ca., for The Pulse of Science Fund for expenses related to meetings to consider "Futures Past" of the biological sciences and the commercialization of biotechnology.

ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION, Finland, Minn., to promote food safety, organic farming, and sustainable-agriculture practices by providing consumers with factual information they can use to make informed food choices.

POETRY FLASH, Berkeley, Ca., for the Northern California Book Awards, which annually recognize excellent books of literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's writing, and translation by regional writers.

PIPER FUND, Amherst, Mass., a funders' collaborative to support state-based campaign-finance reform. Proteus Fund is the sponsor.

PUBLIC CAMPAIGN, Washington, D.C., to provide national leadership to advance understanding and support for public financing of political campaigns.

SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION, San Francisco, Ca., for general support to stop the spread of HIV, and to protect the health and human rights of people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

SAN FRANCISCO FOOD BANK, San Francisco, Ca., to provide free food to over 600 community food programs, including neighborhood pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, homeless shelters, and youth programs.

SAN FRANCISCO CENTER FOR THE BOOK, San Francisco, Ca., to foster the joy of books and bookmaking, the history, artistry and continuing presence of books in our culture and their enduring importance as a medium of self-expression.

SIERRA CLUB FOUNDATION, San Francisco, Ca., to preserve and protect the natural environment by empowering the citizenry, especially democratically based grassroots organizations, with charitable resources to further the cause of environmental protection.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY OF MARIN COUNTY, San Francisco, Ca., to provide services to those in Marin County who are struggling to make ends meet and might not otherwise receive help.

STANFORD JAZZ WORKSHOP, Stanford, Ca., for general support for jazz education and appreciation.

TOWN SCHOOL FOR BOYS, San Francisco, Ca., an independent school for boys K through 8th grade.

TECTONIC THEATER PROJECT, New York, N.Y., for general support of the Tectonic Theater Project, an award-winning company dedicated to developing innovative works that explore theatrical language and form, fostering an artistic dialogue with the audiences on social, political and human issues.

UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS, Cambridge, Mass., for the Food and Environment Program. The Union of Concerned Scientists works to achieve practical environmental solutions through rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development, and effective citizen advocacy.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, San Francisco, Ca., to present contemporary art from the Bay Area and around the world.

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Closing Report
(to be posted in 2014)