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Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

[This PDF form requires Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) to complete. The latest version of Adobe Reader is FREE for download at]

To submit a letter of inquiry to Columbia Foundation, click the link below to download the LOI form. After completing the form, save it as a PDF for your files. [When using Adobe Reader, you must use Reader 8 version or higher or to save it. See above to download the latest version of Reader for FREE.] Attach the PDF form to an email along with the other attachments as listed below, and send to


Note: The PDF form (link above) is 10 pages with the following sections: (1) a cover sheet; (2) (up to) four-page inquiry letter; (3) list officers and members of the board; (4) list organization and project staff leaders; and (5) list secured and pending funding.

Attach the following documents to your email message along with the LOI:

  1. Project budget and organization budget (for personnel, list each salary of lead staff as a separate line item)
  2. Articles or reports (up to two)
  3. For requests for continuing support, include an update on the program previously funded by Columbia and a rationale for continued support.

* For London-based programs, make your application to Columbia in British pounds with the U.S. dollar equivalent in parentheses.


The LOI form (and attachments) should be sent as attachments to an email to by the appropriate application deadline. If you have any questions, or do not receive an email confirming receipt of your LOI within a week following the application deadline, contact Alex Hoskyns-Abrahall at


Closing Report
(to be posted in 2014)