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Tell Us What You Think

You can tell Columbia Foundation what you think with or without attribution. Messages may be sent anonymously, unless you prefer to sign your note to the foundation. We hope you will tell us what you think - about your contact with the foundation, about the foundation's program, or your assessment of the foundation's role as a grant maker. We hope you will include suggestions. All messages will be read, but please note that the foundation will not respond to notes sent through this form. If you have questions for the foundation, please send them to (this will not be an anonymous communication).

Columbia Foundation has increased its formal linkages to the community in a number of ways, including making it possible for the public to tell the foundation what it thinks through this website. In addition, the foundation uses program advisors to advise the foundation on effective grant making, consults with community leaders regarding the foundation's program priorities, and invites grantees to board meetings to present information on their programs to the staff and trustees. We are very interested in hearing ideas about how we can further improve the foundation's stewardship of the charitable funds it manages in the public interest.

Susan R. Clark
Executive Director

Please enter your comments and suggestions in the text box below. Messages are anonymous unless you provide contact information within your message.


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