Columbia Foundation has closed as of November 30, 2013. The final Columbia grants have been awarded and paid.





Closing Report, November 2017

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The assets of Columbia Foundation were awarded in 2013 to the following charitable funds:

Cockayne concentrates on arts projects in London that provide opportunities for artists from diverse cultures for the creation, development, performance, or exhibition in the performing (music, opera, dance, theatre) literary, or visual arts. Cockayne maintains a donor-advised fund with The London Community Foundation.
For guidelines and further details see:

Gaia Fund is a San Francisco-based family foundation that began awarding charitable grants in 1995. It was established by Christine Russell and Mark Schlesinger, who serve as its sole trustees and set grantmaking priorities. The Fund's name was taken from the earth goddess of Greek mythology, reflecting the founder's interest in environmental issues. Gaia Fund considers grant requests that fall within the following broad programmatic areas: (1) Agriculture and the Environment and (2) San Francisco Jewish Life.

See the Gaia Fund ( website for current program guidelines and application instructions.

Yerba Buena Fund

Yerba Buena Fund (YBF) is in formation. Guidelines and areas of interest are undecided as yet, nor are proposals being accepted.

Please monitor the YBF website for updated information:

Updated for closure as of November 2013.

Foundation History

The records for Columbia Foundation are located at The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

In the interview linked below, Madeleine Haas Russell, founder of Columbia Foundation, discusses her philanthropic work.

Madeleine Haas Russell: Democratic Committeewoman, Philanthropist

Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2013.

See the history of Columbia Foundation.

Program Reports

Articles and reports about Columbia Foundation grantees and program advisors

Grants Lists

Grants awarded by Columbia Foundation